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Once installed, it is time to insert the Apple ID of the phone you want to monitor. After that you have to login into the software. Once you will use the software, you will yourself experience the difference! Spy calls, text messages, locations and more. Lexi Taylor. Be sure to read the full reviews I have written on each of these products and then choose the program that will work on your phone, suit your budget and offer the reporting you need — easy! Jailbreaking has been a stumbling block for many people wanting to use spy software — either they are afraid to do it or they are technically unsure how to go about it.

The companies have realized this and reacted by adding additional support resources to help with Jailbreaking and by developing this new type of product. As I mentioned at the start of this guide using this solution from mSpy, you can monitor without installing software on the device — and so no Jailbreaking is needed.

In order for this to work you Must have the Apple ID and Password and the device must be using the iCloud backup service. This actually works well enough for ethical monitoring of your own children or employee iPhones. If the phone is not set to run backups, you will need to do it manually. Other than that no access to the phone is required.

No software — all reports are pulled from the iCloud backup interface and reports are generated in the mSpy Online Dashboard — using your mSpy Login. It relies on the changes being monitored in the backups — call logs etc. This means reporting is not in real time and definitely not as accurate as their full, regular spy software.

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Reporting is quite limited — you will not have all the same reports as the main program. They have added to the list and right now with this version you can see :. Still some good features.

The no Jailbreak version costs the same as regular mSpy — see table above. All in all the no Jailbreak solution works well — if you have no way to Jailbreak the Apple device you need to monitor. It is still some way short of the full software version and will cost you the same money.

I definitely recommend that you try to Jailbreak first and if all else fails, this version will still give you a limited monitoring ability — better than nothing! I hope this has cleared up a few things — feel free to ask questions in the comments below , and remember to use spy products legally and ethically! Anything stored on the phone can be seen by the person who installed the spy software. It will not pick up texts or photos etc.

Basically, if it is stored on your device they can have access to it. The problem lies with Jailbreaking technology, not the spy app companies. There have been no Jailbreaks developed for the last few versions of iOS Apple operating system. Lots of speculation that one is comming but nothing yet. I bought a new iPhone and installed mspy with my Apple ID and password.

iPhone Spy No Jailbreak

Will mspy work if the Apple ID and password were changed later? By the new user. Someone with experience can find these programs — just be careful who you chose and how much they charge. It is unlikely they would be able to prove who actually installed the software from a legal perspective.

Remember, a simple factory reset will remove any spy phone app. Can a spy software be installed on iPhone 7 again once the phone is factory reset? The reset will have removed any software — but of course if they get access to your device they could install it again. The reset only removes existing software it does not protect you going forward.

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Can this happen? I have heard of and tested that program. There is a good reason why I do not review that product on this website. Good luck. How can you tell if the no jailbreak version is installed on your phone? Is there a way to detect it? Or an app to block it? Kid-Guard is a spy app that is designed to track the daily activities of your child.

You can track call logs, messaging threads, and locations.

Other factors that you should be considering before making a purchase:

With this app, you can easily control messages, calls, locations, and social handles. The KeyLogger feature makes passwords of the target device accessible to you.

An advantage of this app is that you can monitor incoming and outgoing calls and record the entire session. With Free iPhone Spy, you get notifications whenever there is an irregular activity happening in the target device.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

You can easily track call logs, messages, GPS locations, and chat threads easily. With this app, you can have a safe and secure platform for monitoring activities hassle-free.

With 6Spy, you can still spy on messages even if they had long been deleted from the target device. You can monitor multiple devices with ease. It is compatible with both iOs and Android devices. Find My iPhone lets you track the location of other Apple devices that you own. Just open the app from one of your devices and you will know the last known location of your other iPad, iPhone, or Mac. If your device was stolen, you can easily use the app to locate it.

After registering, you can now enable the service. The app comes handy for parents who want to track the location of their children. However, the app will not let you record messages, phone calls, or camera activity. You can only do so if you got the permission of the owner. MobiPast is a free iPhone spy software that lets you track your kids or employees undetected directly from your mobile device. With this app, you can monitor text messages, Facebook chats, WhatsApp, Yahoo, and other social media networks. It also allows you to track phone calls, GPS locations, Internet history, contacts, notes, and passwords.