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Now I can see what the dogs are up to when no one is home! Gary Roush. So easy to install, set up, and use. Alfred hasn't missed a beat or lagged any at all!!

Kimberly Burton. Better than lots of expensive options! Mario Max. Mark Leblanc. I can speak to the Camera end and hear everything in real time.

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Ricardo Souza. Former smartphone gets used rather than sitting in a drawer waiting to be thrown out! Alain Kaivers. It is a fastest and most advanced night vision simulator app which provide option to entertainment and fun, and take pictures.

Top 10 best night vision apps (android/iphone)

With this app, you can remotely view and control your IP camera by using your smartphone. Along with these it has also real compass option so that you can use it as compass apps to get direction at night. You can also use it as selfie apps with more cartoon picture app option to make cartoon picture of your friends, family and others.

There are four different color options as blue, red, green, warm, or natural to take a picture and videos in the dark. Using this app you will be able to capture photos and videos without using flashlight on your smartphone. Download From PlayStore.

Night Eyes Lite is one of the best night camera and night vision apps for iOS users. It is a great app which help you to take a best quality of image in real time without using flashlight. You can use both front and back camera to take better quality of image using this app. It allows you to take picture in both landscape and portrait modes with x digital live zoom option.

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Download From iTunes. Night mode camera is an app for android users which allows you to takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity. It has a great artificial intelligence option which helps you to take photos and videos in p in green night vision effect. This app uses high technology algorithms for image enhancement which allows you to see more clearly at night.

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Along with these it has a lots of image processing filters so that you can adjust night view while take a picture on your smartphone. Night camera lite is a free and perfect app for taking picture at night on your iOS device. It is a free, easy to use night vision apps with good user interface so that anyone can easily use this app on their iOS device.

It helps you to take night scenery or other photograph at night without using any external flashlight apps. This has some unique features as residual light enhancement, real time luminance histogram, real-time luminosity histogram, 6x digital live zoom and others to take best photo on your iOS device. Night vision thermal camera is another popular night vision apps for both android and iOS users with night vision, thermo vision, and UV vision options. It has camera rotation too. It even as Red Green Blue colour values.

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Night vision camera provides you with the capability of seeing and capturing items and people which we are not able to capture from the normal camera. This night vision camera simulation is worth the download. It provides you with amazing picture output and video recording too. It best fits Android.

You can even add a flashlight if you want a bright photo.

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It is a very unique feature which this app has for you. Once you follow the instructions you will be a pro in using this app. Thermal night vision colour filter effect camera has the best quality for you to click pictures in. Android users go ahead and download it now for a better picture where light is less.

This app has this wonderful feature which allows you to capture a memory just the way it is at night. It also consists of 2 colour scheme for night vision. Night, honey bee and UV effects are an addition in this app. You can trick your friends as they will believe that you actually have a thermo-graphic device. Android users are lucky to have this app for free on play store. The night mode video camera has access to both front and rare camera of your mobile.

It even has the 8x zoom in it. A proper image will be captured even in the less illuminated area.

It has a shutter speed control with tapping to focus on the image and the exposure too. Night camera lite has a timer facility too. It has a zoom of 10x and flash setting as well. Night camera lite supports LED and colour filter like sepia, red, blue, green, black and white.